Our Stay-at-Home-and-Cruise Plan

26 Apr

Fellow Quilters,

Hubby and I were scheduled to be on a 3-week cruise right now.  Today would have been Day 7.  I think he is really missing it.  Hubby is a closet mixologist.  The other night I suggested that we choose a beverage of the day to pretend we are on the cruise, and perhaps make some gourmet dinners and desserts.

Pisco Sours with appetizers

Pisco Sours with appetizers

Yesterday’s cocktail was Pisco Sours because we had 6 egg whites left over from making last night’s epic dessert.  The dessert was tiramisu, and it’s best if it is made a day in advance.  Now, Hubby and I aren’t huge fans of tiramisu, that Italian dessert made with soggy coffee-flavored cookies and mousse-y custard.  Last year Son #2 requested it for his girlfriend’s birthday “cake” so I went online to find a recipe. OMG!  This recipe  by Chef Dennis Littley is the best!

The best tiramisu ever - easy to make and incredibly good!

The best tiramisu ever – easy to make and incredibly good!

Hubby and I whipped it up in less than half an hour.  Now we are fans. Hubby was picking up the ingredients on his weekly grocery run and called me – “Do we really need mascarpone cheese?  Do you realize it’s $10 for a small container?!?”  “Yes, we need mascarpone cheese.”  “Can we substitute cream cheese?” “No, get the mascarpone, it’s worth it.”

Are you enjoying the Time to Quilt quilt-along?  We are on the home stretch – Block 19 already.  It is a classic friendship star block, similar to Block 5 but easier – no fancy center unit.  No changes to the original pattern on Northcott’s, Banyan’s and FIGO’s Facebook page, except to include the make-it-mini and super-size versions.  Lots of the HST units, which we’re very good at by now.

Press in the direction of the arrows for flat seams in your friendship star block

Press in the direction of the arrows for flat seams in your friendship star block

In my instructions I have indicated the direction to press the seams so we can spin them.  Ta Da!  Done!

Block 19 done

Block 19 done

Today’s tip is a general quilt-making tip. I have and regularly use a variety of rulers, some of which adhere better than others to my fabric while cutting.

My collection of rulers that I use regularly

My collection of rulers that I use regularly

On the ones that don’t, I have applied some Onmigrid Invisi-Grip, a self-adhering clear plastic film, to the underside of the ruler.

Invisi-Grip is a thin film applied to the underside of rulers

Invisi-Grip is a thin film applied to the underside of rulers

There is enough on a roll to do several rulers.  Some of my colleagues have weakness in their shoulders and they swear by this stuff.

It is repositionable

It is repositionable

It doesn't impair my vision through the ruler

It doesn’t impair my vision through the ruler

It really does make a difference to reduce ruler slippage, the rulers stay flat (not wobbly like when you add the non-slip dots) and it doesn’t impair my vision through the ruler.

You can find my instructions for Block 19 here.

Northcott has used Rod & Reel in their block today (there are some terrific textures in this group), and Banyan has used Cherry Blossoms – pretty!  I wonder what Daphne is up to on her blog today.  I have a great hack for tomorrow’s block (I wonder if Daphne will come up with the same one 😊) so I’m off to make the blocks now.

Have a great day!


8 Responses to “Our Stay-at-Home-and-Cruise Plan”

  1. talazo44 at 12:59 pm #

    Pisco sours a family favorite. I even make just one for me with part of an egg white. Yum Judith Lazo


    • Patti at 7:38 pm #

      Good to know – thanks Judith

  2. Cathy B. at 2:34 pm #

    Pisco Sours are the best! Thanks for all your block tips!

  3. Andrea R Huelsenbeck at 3:48 pm #

    I’m mourning your aborted cruise. So many plans thwarted. You’re doing the best job of making “lemonade.”

    • Patti at 7:37 pm #

      Thanks Andrea. The cocktails help 🙂

  4. Betsey Ryan at 7:55 pm #

    I have heard of Whiskey Sours but not Pisco so I looked it up ….I “Just Googled IT” The people leaving comments on the various recipes were almost coming to blows!!!! So the questions I have Pisco from Peru or Chile, lemons or limes and granulated sugar, powdered sugar or simple syrup? Enquiring minds want to know!!!!!!!! And from where did you get your Lady fingers?
    TTFN Betsey

    • Patti at 8:18 pm #

      Well, inquiring mind, our next-door neighbour is Chilean so of course we use Chilean. Hubby prefers lemons (he has tried both separately as well as a mixture of both – the research is delicious :)) and simple syrup – always at the ready in a jar in the fridge. Lady fingers from our local Metro. Cheers, Patti

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