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What’s Your Lucky Charm?

2 Feb Luck o' the Irish made in Heather Bailey's True Kisses

Fellow Quilters,Quilt Block Mania February Collage Image

It’s that time again!  What time, you ask?!?  Time for another terrific month of Quilt Block Mania 😊.  Carolina over at Always Expect Moore has rounded up 27 pattern designers, each with their take of this month’s theme of Lucky Charms.  The 12” block patterns are free for a limited time on each designer’s site – simply click on the links below to collect yours.

Lucky Horseshoe by Carolina Moore
Lucky Squares at Slice of Pi Quilts
Lucky Spin by Carolyn Burgess
Charming Wreath Block by Blockofthemodotcom
Lucky Squares Improv at Love to Color My World
Luck and Sunshine
Luck o’ the Irish at Patti’s Patchwork
Simply Charmed by Cotton Street Commons
Hi My Name is Lucky by Heidi Pridemore
Swedish lucky horse by duck creek mountain quilting
Charmed Clover at Perkins Dry Goods
Charming Lucky by Puppy Girl Designs
Star Bright at Studio R Quilts
Lucky Charms by QuiltFabrication
Magically “Quilt”lious
Wishing Stars
Heart Shine 4th by Sara Flynn
Lucky Shamrock Block
Lucky Gnome
Feelin’ Lucky by Inquiring Quilter
Pastel Clover at Blue Bear Quilts
Daddy Hex by Pretty Piney Quilts
Pieced Lucky Hat
Sam’s Pot of Gold
Love and Luck by PhoebeMoon Designs
Maneki Neko by Capaquilts
The Butterfly Charm

You can also join the Quilt Block Mania Facebook group here to see all the posts and pics of blocks and quilts that other quilters have made, and to share your own projects made with the blocks.  Fun!

It is interesting to see how each designer interpreted the theme – some have charm motifs, some have luck motifs, and others have Irish motifs.

Well, since my name is Irish, I had to go with an Irish theme.  After all, my wonderful mother-in-law was born in Ireland!  Using Carolina’s color palette I chose a variation of Triple Irish Chain, incorporating the 6 colors – light and dark pink, light and dark green (of course!  It’s Irish, after all), and peach/yellow.  My obvious choice of fabrics was FIGO Fabrics’ Lucky Charms, with various luck motifs printed on the fabric – horseshoes, 4-leaf clovers, wish bones, fingers crossed, acorns and rainbows.  I combined it with some solids from Northcott’s ColorWorks.  Here is my Luck o’ the Irish block.

Now, you may think that this block doesn’t look too exciting, however, when you put several together, the individual colors create flows through the quilt.  I’m really liking how soft and pretty it is made up in Lucky Charms.

The soft colors flow and weave through this 36" square quilt

The soft colors flow and weave through this 36″ square quilt

To test my block pattern I scrounged through my meager stash and found some leftover scraps of Heather Bailey’s True Kisses collection, shipping to quilt shops next month. I substituted a dark gold for the peach and came up with this.

Luck o' the Irish made in Heather Bailey's True Kisses

Luck o’ the Irish made in Heather Bailey’s True Kisses

It is definitely busier than the FIGO Lucky Charms version.  I wondered how it would look in a quilt, so I whipped up a digital lap quilt.

A 36" x 45" lap quilt done up in True Kisses

A 36″ x 45″ lap quilt done up in True Kisses

Nice!  It has a scrappy vintage feel.  To reduce the bulk at the intersections I spun the seams – it lays so flat!

The back of my block - look at all those spun seams!

The back of my block – look at all those spun seams!

I need to restock my stash of True Kisses – I’ll be using it for my Hexie Crush quilt-along in April.  I’ve already made the throw size in the mint colorway, so perhaps I’ll make the queen-size in the beige/crimson colorway.  Sign-ups start soon 😊.  I’m writing the pattern this weekend.  So, I want to know – would you prefer templates or paper-piecing if you had the option?  Please post your comments below.

PC263 Hexie Crush throw-size (coming soon!)

PC263 Hexie Crush throw-size (coming soon!)

The queen-size beige-crimson version of Hexie Crush - I can't seen to get that upper corner to be beige :(

The queen-size beige-crimson version of Hexie Crush – I can’t seen to get that upper corner to be beige 😦

Speaking of sign-ups, exactly 1 year from now I’ll be boarding the ship for an 18-day quilting round-trip cruise to Hawaii.   Am I excited?!?!?  Oh yeah!!!!

Cruise with me next February 2022

Cruise with me next February 2022

We’ve just had 28” of snow in the past week, so Hawaii is looking really good right about now!  Organized by World of Quilts Travel, this is their most popular cruise, and the perfect quilting cruise – in addition to the picturesque ports of call, the 10 days at sea will give us lots of opportunity to quilt AND relax/socialize.  The cruise is almost sold out so if you’re interested in joining me please contact Deb at World of Quilts.  We’ll have a blast!



Romance is in the Air

5 Jan

Quilt Block Mania January 2021 bannerFellow Quilters,

A very Happy New Year to you! As we put 2020 behind us and herald in 2021, I wish you health, happiness and many pieceful moments😊. To help you with that, I am sharing with you my block for the January edition of Quilt Block Mania. If you’re dropping in from another blogger’s site, welcome! Please consider subscribing to my blog (the link is on the right) for quilting tips and tasty recipes a couple times a month. You can also subscribe to my newsletter over at Patti’s Patchwork, where I share newsy stuff, quilty goodness and subscriber-only specials (the link is at the bottom of the web page). And I’m on Facebook too 😊. Shall we get straight to the good stuff?
The theme for this month’s Quilt Block Mania, organized by Carolina of Always Expect Moore, is “romance”. Twenty-nine quilt designers are sharing their complimentary heart-themed block pattern with you, allowing you a month to make a project or 2 for Valentine’s Day. These blocks are ideal for placemats, table runners or mini wall quilts. There are some adorable applique blocks perfect for the little ones in your life, and some great pieced blocks for teens and beyond.  Here is the list of participating bloggers.

Chain of Hearts by Carolina Moore
Heart Postage Stamp by Slice of Pi Quilts
Special Delivery by Appliques Quilts and More
Intertwined by Devoted Quilter
Interlocking Heart Halves by Blockofthemodotcom
Romantic Patchwork Heart by Love to Color My World
Love Notes by Blue Heron Quilting
Woven Together at Patti’s Patchwork
LOVE ARROWS by Cotton Street Commons
refracted heart at Duck Creek Mountain Quilting
Puppy Love
Be Mine by Perkins Dry Goods
Love is family at Puppy Girl Designs
Love Owl-Ways by Studio R Quilts
Lacy Hearts by QuiltFabrication
Piece of My Heart by Orange Blossom QDS, LLC
Quilting by Candlelight by Snowy Days Quilting
Sunset Walk Block by Sara Flynn
Mini Log Cabin Heart by Katie Mae Quilts
Flowers and Candy by PhoebeMoon Designs
On Point Heart by Oh Kaye Quilting
Love My Gnome
Love Conquers All
Blue Bear Hug by Blue Bear Quilts
Love Me Knot by Pretty Piney Quilts
Pieceful Heart by Off the Wall Quilt
Rose Buds by Rona the Ribbiter
House of love
First Love by Sarah Marcina
Love postcard by Capaquilts

Woven Together by Patti's Patchwork

Woven Together by Patti’s Patchwork

My block is Woven Together and reminds me of a small heart-shaped potpourri holder given to me by a dear quilting friend several years ago. I added pieced hearts in the corners to create a secondary design when the blocks are sewn together – how cool is that?!?
In the pattern I used Northcott’s lovely suede-look texture Toscana, however I had none in my stash when I sat down to test the block. Rifling through my tiny stash I found some bits of Northcott’s Bliss, and a coordinating piece of FIGO’s True Kisses by Heather Bailey for the background – even the names of these collections sound romantic!

My scraps of Bliss and True Kisses ready to go

My scraps of Bliss and True Kisses ready to go

So, here’s a tip when you are sewing this block.

Sew the strips together then cross-cut them

Sew the strips together then cross-cut them

The center is made from strips that are sewn together then cross-cut and reassembled to form a checkerboard block.

Re-assemble the sections

Re-assemble the sections

I pressed the seams in the strip set to the darker fabric. Then when I sewed the cross-cut sections back together, I pressed the seams to the lighter fabric so that I could spin my seams to reduce bulk.

I spun the seams to reduce the bulk and allow the block to lay flat

I spun the seams to reduce the bulk and allow the block to lay flat

See how nice the back looks?
The block goes together like a 9-patch – sweet!

It's a 9-patch in disguise

It’s a 9-patch in disguise

Nine-patch blocks are very versatile and play well with so many other blocks. Just for fun I whipped up a couple of digital wall-sized quilts with this block.

A 9-patch of blocks make a 36" wall quilt

A 9-patch of blocks make a 36″ wall quilt

This first one is a 9-patch of 9-patch blocks😊 – see that secondary design made from the corner hearts?

Five on-point blocks make a 34" wall quilt

Five on-point blocks make a 34″ wall quilt

And this one is 5 blocks set on-point, with heart corner blocks in the setting triangles too.

PC253 Splendid Split Stars pattern

PC253 Splendid Split Stars pattern

The Bliss scraps are from my new Splendid Split Stars pattern and the True Kisses fabric is from my upcoming Hexie Crush pattern.

Join me in April for the Hexie Crush quilt-along

Join me in April for the Hexie Crush quilt-along

I’ll be hosting a quilt-along (my first!) for this pattern in April – watch for the sign-up link next month (I’m so pumped! 😊).
Speaking of sign-ups, my Road to California classes are now closed but you can still sign up for my inspiring “Interesting Quilts” hour-long trunk show TL04 on Thursday January 21 @ 1:30PST here. AND – drum roll please – I have been invited to teach 7 classes on a Hawaiian quilting cruise in February 2022!!! The cruise is organized by Deb Roberts of World of Quilts Travel and you can find the details here. I have taught on 7 cruises and am absolutely thrilled to be back on the high seas. Hubby and I were on a cruise 14 months ago that included Hawaii and I have to say that it is the perfect cruise for quilting and sightseeing – you’ll have ample time for both. I loved seeing Hawaii by sea and I’m so looking forward to this travel adventure. I’ll be sharing more details in upcoming posts.
Last month I finished up my new pattern Castelvecchio PC256 made with Northcott’s stunning Stonehenge Verona.

PC256 Castelvecchio pattern includes 3 sizes

PC256 Castelvecchio pattern includes 3 sizes

This quilt is much easier than it looks – I let the panel and border stripe do the work in this quilt. There are very large pieces of fabric that only look like they are pieced (this is the type of quilt I talk about in my Interesting Quilts trunk show). In the next few weeks I’ll be adding several more new patterns to Patti’s Patchwork. It will be a busy month ahead.

Until next time,

Stellar Quilt Blocks

1 Dec Starlight throw quilt 42" x 60"

Fellow Quilters,banner

It’s time for another great edition of Quilt Block Mania, brought to you by Carolina Moore and Friends!  Have you enjoyed the past editions?  If you’re a subscriber, they’ll pop into your Inbox the first Tuesday of each month.  They are free for the taking so be sure to grab yours while they’re still free.

This is the 5th installment and it’s guaranteed to add some sparkle to the end of 2020 – goodness knows we could all use some extra sparkle this year!  Yes, the theme is “stars” and 21 pattern designers have gathered to put their slant on what that means to them.  Here’s the list of all 21 designers and the links to their blocks.

Stargazing Sue
Starburst at Slice of Pi Quilts
Massachusetts Star with
Nova Star at Always Expect Moore
Nativity Star
Star Bright – Cotton Street Commons
Five Pointed Star at Duck Creek Mountain Quilting
New Year Star at Stash Bandit
Poinsettia Star
Wish Upon a Satar by Heidi Pridemore
Falling Star at Pretty Piney Quilts
Star Splash at QuiltFabrication
Seward Star at Blue Bear Quilts
Moon Star at Perkins Dry Goods
Starburst at Patti’s Patchwork
Cherokee Star
Christmas Tree Star
Christmas Star by Oh Kaye Quilting
Starfish by Appliques Quilts and More
Snowy Star by Seams To Be Sew
Combination Star by Devoted Quilter
Ablaze by True Blue Quilts

For me, of course a star block means a Lone Star!  They are my favorite stars, followed closely by split stars.  For this particular Lone Star, I dressed it up a bit for New Year’s and added some simple piecing in the corner setting squares.  Here is my Starlight block – you can find the pattern here.

This “design element” makes the star look like it’s bursting, or perhaps reaching out to other stars.  These corner squares are simple enough to piece with templates, so that’s what I did – 2 seams and it’s done 😊.

The Lone Star is strip-pieced to make it fairly straight-forward, however the size of the strips is not a number found on my rotary cutting ruler (5” ¸ 6 = .8333 – yuck!).  How do we cut these strips then?!?  I borrowed a technique from quilting icon Marti Michell of From Marti Michell – I used the width of the diamond template to cut my strips.  Bingo!  Now, the diamond itself is somewhat small so instead of including a tiny diamond template in the pattern I put a long strip.  To cut my strips I first taped my long template to the underside of my ruler, abutting it with the edge of the ruler.  Then I simply positioned my ruler so that the inside edge of the template was aligned with the edge of my fabric.  Easy-peasy!

I taped my cutting template to the underside of my ruler

I taped my cutting template to the underside of my ruler

And no accidentally trimming my template.  I also used the template to cut the strip sets into segments.

I used the template to cut my strip sets into segments

I used the template to cut my strip sets into segments

And here is a sample throw-size quilt made with 8 blocks linked by the sashing – cool!

Starlight throw quilt 42" x 60"

Starlight throw quilt 42″ x 60″

To assemble the star I used my oh-so-handy E-Z Miter/Lone Star tool to precisely mark where to align the various block components.  In no time at all my block was done.  PS. This makes a terrific Secret Santa/stocking stuffer gift for your quilting friends (hint, hint).

Speaking of Christmas, I’m starting my holiday baking this week, making 2 types of fruit cake (traditional dark with brandy, and a light version sans alcohol that was my dad’s favorite).  I haven’t made cakes for a few years so I’m overdue.  These cakes are NOT the same thing that is sold in grocery stores – no no no!  They are very moist and chock full of nuts and candied fruit.

The fruit and nuts for my Christmas cakes - yum!

The fruit and nuts for my Christmas cakes – yum!

They are so good that my sons gobble them up – they always have, even as kids!  So I may be posting a couple more times this month as I share some recipes.  And if you’re not a subscriber to my newsletter (you can sign up at Patti’s Patchwork), you might want to because I think there might be a Christmas gift for my newsletter subscribers soon.

Coming up in January I’ll be teaching three half-day classes at Road to California’s virtual conference.  Road@Home promotional 1Road@Home runs January 20-23 and you can find my classes as well as my trunk show by searching my name on the Classes tab.  This is a fantastic opportunity for quilters everywhere to take classes from the comfort and convenience of their own sewing space.

Enjoy today’s blog tour and stay tuned for lots of new stuff and exciting news for 2021 and beyond, coming soon.  And some recipes too!



November Musings and More

20 Nov

Fellow Quilters,

If you live in the northern part of the Northern Hemisphere like I do, November can be a dreary month.  The landscape is drab and gray, and the weather tends to be cold, windy and rainy (or snowy if it’s cold enough for that).  It’s a great month to quilt though.  It’s also a great time to work on my Christmas list.  Some years I have left it to the last minute – not recommended, just saying.  Typically I am travelling for much of November and December so I don’t have time to shop.  That’s when gift cards come in handy.  This year however my travel plans have been put on hold.  Not only do I have time to shop for gifts, I also have time to make gifts.  I love it!  What about you?  If you have some spare time I’ve got a great gift idea for you!  The roll-up tote in my Tote Bag Trio pattern makes the handiest shopping bag ever – it fits in your pocket and holds a ton of purchases.

I made some for my besties back in September and they LOVED them.  Batiks work best because the bag rolls up into a smaller tube.  You can find the pattern here.  And if you’re looking for a gift idea for your quilting peeps, I can recommend the E-Z Miter/Lone Star tool to help her/him achieve perfect mitered corners and lone star blocks/quilts every time.

The E-Z Miter/Lone Star tool for easy mitered borders every time - no kidding!

The E-Z Miter/Lone Star tool for easy mitered borders every time – no kidding!

So here’s a splash of brightness for November.  My son’s girlfriend had a birthday recently and I whipped up a toiletry bag and matching jewelry roll from the not-even-in-stores-yet True Kisses by Heather Bailey for FIGO. IMG_3213 lo-rez So pretty!  So perfect for her! IMG_3208 Thanks, Heather, for designing such a delightful trendy collection.  It will be in quilt shops in March.

I designed a couple patterns with True Kisses and I’m planning a quilt-along for one of them.  This will be my first quilt-along, starting in April, and the Hexie Crush quilt is ideal for it.

Join me in April for the Hexie Crush quilt-along

Join me in April for the Hexie Crush quilt-along

With 6 different blocks, we can do one block a week and have the quilt done in no time.

Here’s another splash of brightness.  My new pattern Splendid Split Stars is featured in a Northcott ad on the back cover of Quiltmaker’s November issue.

PC253 Splendid Split Stars featured on the back cover of Quiltmaker magazine

PC253 Splendid Split Stars featured on the back cover of Quiltmaker magazine

It is made with the Bliss collection.  This quilt is a riot of color!  Just for fun I also mocked it up in FIGO’s new Serenity collection, shipping to stores next month.

The FIGO Serenity version of Splendid Split Stars

The FIGO Serenity version of Splendid Split Stars

It is fascinating how different a pattern can look by changing out the fabrics.  Which one do you prefer?  Splendid Split Stars includes instructions for 4 sizes and is now available in my shop.

I’ve added another pattern to my shop as well.  Journey features Northcott’s ethereal Journey collection.

My Journey quilt featuring Melanie Samra's Journey collection

My Journey quilt featuring Melanie Samra’s Journey collection

Designer Melanie Samra has added her special touch to the collection with the alcohol ink technique applied to many of the beautifully rendered designs and rich textures.  I showcased the “world” panel in my quilt design and added various elements in a variety of techniques from applique to paper-piecing – there’s a bit of everything.

The new PC257 Journey pattern includes 3 sizes

The new PC257 Journey pattern includes 3 sizes

The pattern includes 3 sizes from lap through twin/double.  Even though travel plans have been put on hold, we can travel vicariously though this quilt and fabric collection.  As the quilt says, life is a journey, so enjoy each day of the trip.

I also want to share a lap quilt that is featured in the November/December issue of Love of Quilting magazine.

Wrapped in Ribbons features Northcott’s “12 Days of Christmas” collection, with the panel used in the center of the quilt.  I design all my quilts in Electric Quilt, the quilt design software program.  I know exactly what my quilt will look like before I cut into my fabric.  When I’m working with very limited quantities of fabric, I want to ensure that I don’t need to redesign and recut anything.  This design tested my computer designing skills – I knew how I wanted to construct the quilt but it took me some time to figure out how to draft it.  Sometimes this drafting process results in a better construction process.  I had so many quilters email me asking for kits that I decided to offer some for sale.  I sold out within days!  Apparently Christmas fabric is selling out in quilt shops everywhere, as quilters spend more time in their sewing rooms this year.  You can use the super-handy Product Finder on Northcott’s website to find a shop that purchased these fabrics if you’re interested in whipping one up for Christmas.IMG_3004lo-rez Wrapped in Ribbons is going to look perfect on my burgundy sofa this holiday season.

I have an extra copy of the November/December Love of Quilting issue and I’m going to give it away to one lucky reader.  For a chance to win this copy, please leave a comment below telling me what quilt-related gift is on your wish list this holiday season.  The deadline is November 27.

Speaking of winners, I have a few winners to announce from previous blog posts.  Lori S won a $60 gift certificate for the Patti’s Patchwork online shop as part of the Garden Party Row-along blog hop way back in September.  Caroline R, Jennifer M and Sandra C each won a Seven Treasures Sashiko mini kit from my September 10 blog post.  I still have a handful of kits available for this delightful quilt.

The kits even contain the specialty thread to stitch out the Sashiko designs.

The Seven Treasures kit includes everything for the lap quilt top including sashiko thread

The Seven Treasures kit includes everything for the lap quilt top including sashiko thread

It was so much fun reading all the quilty guilty pleasures of my readers – thanks for making my day!  And lastly, Brenda will receive a copy of my Vail pattern for commenting on my November 3 Quilt Block Mania blog hop post.  Congrats to all the winners!

What’s up next?  I am thrilled to be teaching at Road to California’s virtual conference & showcase January 20-23Road@Home promotional 1If you’ve never been to Road to California, it’s one of the best shows around, ranking right up there with Quilt Festival and AQS Paducah.  I had the pleasure of manning the Northcott booth a few years ago and was so impressed with this show!  If you’ve been lucky enough to attend, you know what I’m talking about.  Good news!  Due to covid, the team at Road has taken the conference virtual.  There are so many benefits to this – no airfare required, no hotel reservations required, no hauling your travel machine and supplies across the state/country, sleeping in your own bed, participating from your own sewing room with your regular machine and equipment, and so much more.  The classes and lectures will be done through Zoom, a terrific platform for them.  If you haven’t had a chance to take a quilting class through Zoom, rest assured they are fun and interactive.  My local guild had a Zoom workshop a few weeks ago and I felt like I was in the room with everyone else.  It was great!  I will be teaching 3 of my favorite 3-hour classes:  Intro to Improv(isational piecing), Finishing Touches (3 different machine binding techniques), and Skill-building Sampler (tons of tips while we piece a table runner).

I’m also presenting my Interesting Quilts from Unusual Fabrics virtual trunk show.  I love the fact that I can do this virtually – everyone has a front-row seat and can see the quilts up-close!  You can find all the class details here – simply enter “Patti Carey” in the search box.  I hope to see you in class 😊.

On November 25 at 3pm EST Linda Hahn and Deb Stanley host the final Sew What! Zoomcast of 2020.  This free 1-hour show introduces quilters to special guests in the quilting industry and it’s a lot of fun.  I was the guest speaker back in August, and I will be dropping in on November 25 to say hi.  Please visit my Facebook page or main page of Patti’s Patchwork a day or so prior to the show to get the Zoom link, and don’t forget to have a “beverage” in hand for the show.

Well, that’s it for now.  Time to get some quilting therapy.



Holiday Time at Quilt Block Mania

3 Nov Sparkling Spruce block

Quilt Block Mania November banner

Fellow Quilters,

Last night it snowed.  As I watched the frosty flakes gently falling and blanketing the earth in silence I couldn’t help but think of Christmas.  It will be here before we know it!  Soon I will start pulling out the decorations and placing them around our home.  The first “decorations” to come out are my holiday quilts.  Each bed has a special one.  Then there are a few wall-hangings and lap/throw-size ones for the couches, and of course some placemats and table runners.  Each one has a special place in my heart.  What about you?  Do you have a cherished stash of holiday quilts?

Well, I have a holiday treat for you today!  The November edition of Quilt Block Mania, organized by Carolina Moore of Sew Much Moore, is chock-a-block full of holiday quilty inspiration.  Twenty-six pattern designers have created a delightful mix of 12” holiday quilt blocks and they’re free for the taking – simply visit each designer’s website or blog at the links below to collect the patterns.  This fabulous collection of holiday-inspired patterns is available now to allow you time to get some quick projects done for Christmas decorating or giving.

Christmas Wreath by Slice of Pi Quilts
Baby Sue’s First Christmas
Celebrate by Inquiring Quilter
Gifts at Always Expect Moore
Snowflakes by Blockofthemodotcom
Gifts of Friendship
Fireworks at duck creek mountain quilting
Wreath & Chain at Stash Bandit
Christmas Star by Michelle Renee Hiatt
Adirondack Mountain Quilt Block
A Present from Penny
Candlelighting at Pretty Piney Quilts
Poinsettia from QuiltFabrication
Harbor Holidays at Blue Bear Quilts
Christmas Cracker at Perkins Dry Goods
Sparkling Spruce at Patti’s Patchwork (that’s me!)
Jingle All the Way at Orange Blossom Quilt
Snowflakes & Candy Cane Trees at Quilt Moments
Tower of Gifts by Oh Kaye Quilting
Winter Memories by Carolyn Burgess
Holiday Block by Seams to Be Sew
Ticker Tape Tree at Devoted Quilter
Evergreen by True Blue Quilts
Merry and Bright at Around the Bobbin
Ski Vacation

Carolina provided the group of designers with a color palette of cranberry & teal – so pretty!  So contemporarily Christmas! (Hmmm…is that even a word?!?)  I mulled over some ideas and settled on a pieced block that could be traditional but looks so fresh in cranberry and teal Toscana suede-like texture from Northcott.  I’m calling it Sparkling Spruce. 

Sparkling Spruce block

Sparkling Spruce block

What do you think?  Here is a quick mock-up of a throw quilt using the block.

A 55" x 67" throw-size version of Sparkling Spruce

A 55″ x 67″ throw-size version of Sparkling Spruce

I can picture this block in Christmas-colored plaids and also in funky prints with a modern vibe – here it is in FIGO Fabrics’ Polar Magic. 

A lap-size version using FIGO's Polar Magic collection - super cute!

A lap-size version using FIGO’s Polar Magic collection – super cute!

And in Northcott’s Vintage Christmas.

Traditionally classic in Northcott's Vintage Christmas

Traditionally classic in Northcott’s Vintage Christmas

You can download my pattern here.

This block is similar to the block I used in my White Christmas pattern – I love how the blocks blend seamlessly with the neighboring blocks to create a “field of trees and stars”.

PC133 Festive Frostings

PC133 Festive Frostings

So, in the spirit of giving, not only am I giving you the pattern for the Sparkling Spruce block, I am also going to give away a free holiday pattern from my Patti’s Patchwork website.  For your chance to win, please leave a comment to this post by midnight November 11 telling me which of my holiday patterns you would like to receive (you can find the holiday patterns under the Seasonal tab).

Good luck and enjoy the holiday edition of Quilt Block Mania 😊



Family Fun & 26 Free Blocks

6 Oct

Copy of QBM Oct Image copyFellow Quilters,

Have I got something fun to share with you today!

Delivering to e-mailboxes everywhere is the October edition of Quilt Block Mania, organized by Carolina Moore of Always Expect Moore. The theme this month is Family, and 26 designers have each created a 12” block that in some way represents or reflects what family means to them.  Each designer was asked to work within a select palette of colors as well so that all the blocks would color-coordinate nicely.

So, what did I do?  I decided to have some fun with this theme!  My block is entitled Every Family Has One.  One what, you may ask?  A black sheep of course!  Yes, I designed an applique block – quite unusual for me – that has 4 sheep:  3 cream ones and one black one.  And I found some perfect fabrics for it.  I have been working with a fabulous new Basics collection from Banyan Batiks, and there is THE perfect fabric for the cream sheep.  It has curlicues on it.  Then I discovered that it also comes in a charcoal color.

Banyan Classics, perfect for sheep

Banyan Classics, perfect for sheep

Sold!  I now had my cream and “black” sheep.  Here is my first block.

My first version, using the Banyan Classics fabrics - love it!

My first version, using the Banyan Classics fabrics – love it!

Aren’t those sheep darling?!?  I used the teal leaves fabric from my Vino collection for the background and some Banyan Shadows for the tonal off-white, black and peach.

Now, several years ago I made a baby quilt with sheep on it, and I used a fleecy fabric for the sheep.  Could I do that here as well, I wondered?  I dug through my stash and found some cream dotted Minky, and a black lightweight fleece.  I chose these two fabrics because they are knits and won’t fray like woven fabrics do.  You see, I will secure the edges of the pieces when I quilt the block, by quilting ⅛” inside the edges of the applique pieces using a matching thread.  Here’s the fleecy super-cuddly version of my block.


The fleecy version of Every Family Has One

Cute!!!  You can download my block pattern here.

So, I have a great tip for you today.  For this block I chose to use the quick-fuse method for my appliques because I used batik fabrics.  They are much more tightly woven than traditional quilting cotton, and I will secure the edges by stitching ⅛” from the edge as I will do for the knit fleece.  I like to “window” my larger applique pieces – I trim out the inside of the Wonder-Under before I fuse it to my fabric, leaving only ¼” inside the traced line.  This keeps the applique pieces softer and easier to quilt.  Knowing I would cut out the inside of my sheep bodies, I traced smaller shapes inside the bodies and got double the use of my Wonder-Under.

I traced my smaller pieces inside the larger pieces since I would be trimming out the center of the larger pieces

I traced my smaller pieces inside the larger pieces since I would be trimming out the center of the larger pieces

Less waste and more $$ for fabric purchases 😊.

Here are the other designers that are participating in Quilt Block Mania – Family edition.  Please hop over to their sites to collect their free patterns as well.

Warming by the Fire
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Family Quote Pineapple Block by Blockofthemodotcom
Family Pumpkin Pickin’ Day
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Orange Blossom Quilt
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Again, you can download mine here.  And I welcome you to hop over to my Pattispatchwork website to check out my other patterns and sign up for my newsletter.



It’s a Garden Party Row-along!

22 Sep

Fellow Quilters,

Today is the first day of Fall, and a beautiful day here in my neck of the woods – clear blue skies, the leaves are starting to turn their bright orange/yellow, and the geese are beginning their flight south.  We haven’t had a frost yet so my garden still has basil and lots of colorful flowers.  Which brings me to the It’s a Garden Party Row-along!  Today is my day to post, along with 4 other designer bloggers.  If you’re popping over from another blog, a warm Welcome to you!  Please feel free to hit that subscribe button over on the right 😊.

This annual Row-along is organized by Marian at Seams to be Sew (thanks Marian!) and I have participated for several years.  The theme this year is gardens, and each of the 50 participating designers has created a “free-for-a-week-or-longer” row.  Here is the full schedule:

Tuesday, September 8
Blue Heron Quilting
Carolyn Butterfield
Made By Marney
Pumpkin Patch BC 
The Devoted Quilter
Thursday, September 10
Bobbin In Quilts
KISSed Quilts
Patchwork Breeze
Songbird Designs
Stitchin’ at Home

Tuesday, September 15
Daughters of Dorinda
Elizabeth Coughlin Designs
Just Let Me Quilt
Lovingly Lissa
The Quilt Rambler
Thursday, September 17
Fabric Bash/Carpe Blogum
For the Love of Geese
Kathleen McMusing
Ms P Designs USA

Tuesday, September 22
Heleen Pinkster Quilt Design
Patti’s Patchwork
Quilt Schmilt
Your Sewing Friend
Thursday, September 24
Charisma’s Corner
Clever Chameleon
Dragonfly’s Quilting Design Studio
Kathy’s Kwilts and More
Mountain Meadow Designs
Tuesday, September 29
Cynthia’s Creating Ark
Miss Loreen’s Schoolhouse
Moose Stash Quilting
Tuning My Heart Quilts
Cheryl LaPlante
Thursday, October 1
Barbara Dieges
Linda B Creative
Orange Blossom Quilt Design Studio
Ursa Minor
Sunflower Stitcheries and Quilting
Tuesday, October 6
Bumbleberry Stitches
Charlie’s Daughter
Seams To Be Sew
The Quilting Room with Mel
Words & Stitches
Thursday, October 8
Duck Creek Mountain Quilting
Lynn’s Beauty
Quilt Art
Renee’s Quilting Addiction
Sew Incredibly Crazy
Tuesday, October 13
Show and Tell Day
Participating blogs to be announced

Not only does each designer have a free pattern, they also have a giveaway from one of our fantastic sponsors, so be sure to visit each site to download the garden-themed row pattern and enter the giveaway.

Most of the rows are applique-based.  If you know me and my quilts, you know I’m a piecer.  Sure, I’ll throw in a bit of applique and other techniques here and there, but I like my pieced blocks.  So naturally my row is pieced.  With a bit of applique 😊.  And some dimensional folds 😊. I wanted a vertical row, just to be different, so mine looks like a floral vine – maybe hollyhocks? I chose some gorgeous shades of coral and lilac from Northcott’s Artisan Spirit Shimmer for my flowers and a delicate shade of light blue Shimmer for the sky background.  I designed my row on my computer using the fabulous Electric Quilt EQ8 program, inserting the Shimmer fabrics and the digital quilt image looks identical to the real thing.  By the way, Electric Quilt is offering a 20% discount on all their products except EQ Academy for the duration of the Row-along when you enter the code GARDENPARTY20 (thanks Electric Quilt!).  Let’s take a look at how I made my row.

My row is made of 9 flower blocks, and each block has 2 halves.  The top half is pieced, with a twice-folded square inserted between the 2 colored triangles of the flying geese unit to add that touch of dimension.  What an easy way to add interest to the block!  To ensure I didn’t cut off the tips of my triangles when sewing the triangle pieces together, I made sure that my pieces crossed at the ¼” seam line.  Success!

The bottom half of each flower block is appliqued.  I could have pieced it, however I thought that appliquing that curve might be easier for me.  Not that I’m not up to the challenge of that super-curvy curve with sharp points at the end that disappear into the seam.  Well, maybe I’m not.  So here are a few tips to get a lovely smooth edge to that appliqued curve.

#1 – I stitch 1/8” from the curved edge with a longer stitch length, leaving a nice long thread tail on each end.

#2 – I cut a piece of heat-resistant template material the shape of my curved piece without the seam allowance on the curved edge and used it as a guide for pressing the curved edge of my pieces.  With the patch face down, I inserted the template and gently pulled up the thread tails to gather the seam allowance around the template, then pressed them in place.

#3 – Then I chain-pieced those curved pieces onto background pieces with an 1/8” seam to hold them in place before sewing them to the pieced top half of each block.  Note that I haven’t stitched that curved edge down yet.

#4 – When I sewed the blocks together, I checked that I didn’t accidentally catch my curved edges in any seams.

#5 – I wanted to add some leaves, and applique seemed easiest.  I layered my fabrics wrong sides together to get left- and right-curving leaves.  I used a plastic leaf template without seam allowances to get a nice smooth edge, clipping my seam allowance slightly on that inner curve.

#6 – I pinned the leaves on my row, tucking the ends under the flower appliqued pieces.  Once everything was where I wanted, I invisibly stitched the applique pieces in place.  I actually did this by hand because it was a beautiful warm day at the beginning of summer and I sat outside on my patio enjoying the weather and my June garden.  My perennial garden has different flowers in June than in September!

You can download the free pattern to my row here.  But wait!  There’s more!! Not only do you get a free pattern, you can also have a chance to win a gift certificate for $60 Cdn to be spent at  Simply leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite quilt-making technique.  The contest is open for 1 week.  The rules are posted over on Marian’s Seams to be Sew blog.

Enjoy the row-along and all the wonderful free row patterns!



Seven Treasures and 50 Row-along blocks

10 Sep

Fellow Quilters,
September is quickly turning into a very busy month for me. A few happenings that I wanted to do or blog about last month were delayed due to an unscheduled blip in my daily life. I’m getting back on track now and putting my nose to the grind to move most of my To Do list to my Done list. It feels so good to scratch items off the To Do list, doesn’t it?

First up is my Seven Treasures quilt featured in the current (September/October) issue of Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting magazine.

Seven Treasures lap quilt in Love of Quilting September/October issue

Isn’t she a beauty? When the call for submissions came out for this issue, the theme was quilting techniques from around the world. Since I have a weakness for sashiko hand-stitching (it is my quilty guilty pleasure) I pondered how I could incorporate it into a quilt. I perused Northcott’s current fabric collections and found the perfect one – the freshly-colored whimsical Forest Frolic had an interlocking circles print replicating the Seven Treasures sashiko stitch.

The interlocking circles print from Northcott’s Forest Frolic collection

I downloaded the fabric images into my Electric Quilt EQ8 program and came up with a contemporary quilt design that uses the smaller coordinating prints from the collection in melon-shaped appliques to also replicate the Seven Treasures interlocking circles motif. My challenge was adding the planned sashiko stitching to the quilt image before submitting it to the editor. I design pretty much every quilt I do in EQ8 (it’s sooo easy and foolproof) however I usually don’t utilize Layer 3 where the quilting motifs are added. I quickly learned how to do this following the provided tutorials, even changing the weight and color of my thread to mimic the gorgeous Wonderfil Eleganza thread that I used. I was super-thrilled with my resulting EQ8 quilt image – it looks just like the finished quilt, minus the quilting.

My quilt image (including the sashiko stitching) from Electric Quilt

I even printed off the Layer 3 sashiko “quilting” design to transfer the motif onto my fabric for the actual stitching. The Eleganza 5-wt and 8-wt thread was a perfect match. It is variegated to coordinate with the various shades of peach in the fabrics.

Wonderfil Eleganza variegated thread was perfect!

I was able to secure enough fabric for 15 kits that include a teal background from Northcott’s Shimmer Radiance (oooh, ahhh!) and the striped binding fabric. If you’re interested in purchasing one please pop me an email ( – they are US$55/Cdn$73 including shipping within North America. You’ll need to purchase a copy of the September/October issue of Love of Quilting for the pattern.

A few kits that include background and binding are available for sale

I also had some scraps left over , enough to make 3 mini-kits of the interlocking circles section and the applique pieces (you’ll need to provide your own teal background and binding).

Win 1 of 3 mini-kits – supply your own background and binding

For a chance to win one of these mini-kits please leave a comment below by midnight September 18 telling my what your quilty guilty pleasure is – what quilty technique do you absolutely love to do? As always, I look forward to reading your comments!

Also happening this month is the Garden Party Row-along organized by Marian of Seams to be Sew (thanks Marian!). I have participated in this lively event for several years, missing only one or 2. It started September 8 and runs until early October, with posts every Tuesday and Thursday, and lots of giveaways not to mention the free pattern from each participating designer. Here are the first 2 weeks of bloggers:

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Blue Heron Quilting
Carolyn Butterfield
Made By Marney
Pumpkin Patch BC
The Devoted Quilter

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Bobbin In Quilts Blog
Kissed Quilts
Patchwork Breeze
Songbird Designs/Brenda’s Blog
Stitchin’ at Home

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Daughters of Dorinda
Elizabeth Coughlin Designs
Just Let Me Quilt
Lovingly Lissa
The Quilt Rambler

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Fabric Bash/Carpe Blogum
For the Love of Geese
Kathleen McMusing
Ms P Designs USA

I will be posting about my free row later this month so stay tuned and please visit the other designers’ blogs to get their patterns.

Well, back to my quilting – I have 4 more quilts to make this month and 2 more to design (here’s a sneak peak at the one I finished last night).


29 Free Spook-tacular Blocks

1 Sep Happy Jacks 12" block by Patti Carey

Fellow Quilters,29-Halloween-blocks

Today’s post is short but oh so sweet… this is the day that the September edition of Quilt Block Mania pops into quilters’ Inboxes around the quilting universe.  The theme for this month is Halloween, celebrating the month of October, ‘cause we want to give you the whole month of September to get your free Halloween-themed blocks made up.  There are 29 generous designers participating in this round, and each one has created a unique 12” finished block in the theme colors of orange, black and a touch of green.  You can download the free patterns at each designer’s blog or website.

“Which Hat?” at Pretty Piney
Black Cat at Inquiring Quilter
Ring of Pumpkins at Always Expect Moore
Haunted House at Powered by Quilting
Three Treats at Sew Brainy
Bat at Slice of Pi Quilts
Day of the Dead Skull at Duck Creek Mountain Quilting
Gypsy Wagon Fortune Teller at Orange Blossom Quilt
Monster at Seams to be Sew
Patchwork Pumpkin at Quilted Diary
Stacked Pumpkins at Perkins Dry Goods
Spooky Star at Block of the Mo .com
Leaf Ghost at Off the Wall Quilt
Leaf and Vine at Quilt Moments
Frankenstein at Around the Bobbin
Bat by Heidi Pridemore
Candy Corn by Quilt Fabrication
Dark night by Cotton Street Commons
Pumpkin by Sew on the Go
Pumpkin and Bat by ScrapDash
Pumpkin Chain by Stash Bandit
Happy Jack-o-lantern by Patti’s Patchwork
Foundation Pieced Creepy Eyes by Amarar Creacions
Spooky Trees by Aunt Em’s Quilts
Upside Down Witch by Appliques Quilts and More
Scaredy Kitty by Tacy Gray
Sun-Boo-Net Sue by Blue Bear Quilts
Spider by Oh Kay Quilting
Candy, Pumpkins, and Witch Hat by Utah Quilt Appraiser


Do you like to carve pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns for Halloween?  Do you look for the tallest pumpkin, or one of the mis-shapen flatter ones?  I like all pumpkins, so my Happy Jacks block features both tall and short jack-o-lanterns boasting toothy grins.

Happy Jacks 12

Happy Jacks 12″ block by Patti Carey

After all, I don’t want them to be too scary!  The pumpkins are easy to make, with simple sew-and-flip corner squares to make the triangles.  The faces are “quick-fuse” appliqued in place.  There is a partial seam in the block, and I will be doing a Facebook Live post at 4pm on Thursday September 3 as part of the Designer Tips & Techniques 3-day event September 1-3 from noon until 8pm EST where I’ll be demonstrating how I make partial seams “impartial” – please pop on over to see it live or watch the rerun anytime after 5pm.  It’s one of my best tips so it’s worth watching, if I do say so myself.

There are some small pieces in my block so it’s ideally suited for a small project such as a 4-block table runner

Four blocks makes a nice seasonal 14

Four blocks makes a nice seasonal 14″ x 54″ runner

or perhaps an 8-block door quilt.

Eight blocks makes a 28

Eight blocks make a 28″ x 54″ door quilt

When my kids were young we had Halloween door quilts to decorate their bedroom doors.  Fun!  You can download the pattern for the block here.

Pumpkins aren’t just for making jack-o-lanterns.  They’re also great for pumpkin loaf.  Yum!

Pumpkin Loaf

1 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
½ cup vegetable oil
1 cup pureed pumpkin

1½ cups flour
1 tsp each backing powder, baking soda and cinnamon
½ tsp nutmeg
¼ tsp each salt and allspice
½ cup each raisins and chopped walnuts

Pour into a greased 9×5 loaf pan.  Bake at 350° for 50-60 minutes or until tester come out clean.  Cool for 15 minutes before removing from pan.

Enjoy the September edition of Quilt Block Mania and we’ll see you next week for more exciting things that are happening this month!



Back to School Time at Quilt Block Mania

4 Aug 'Rithmetic 12" block by Patti Carey

Quilt Block Mania August blocks

Quilt Block Mania August blocks

We are officially half-way through Summer here in the northern hemisphere.  When I was a kid, August meant that Back-to-School flyers from the area department stores would soon be inserted in the local newspaper.  I would eagerly peruse each one, slowly and methodically going over each page to admire the offerings of fresh new notebooks, pencils, binders and the like.  I would carefully compare prices and make a list of required items to purchase from each store.  Then I would get on my bicycle and ride to each shop to acquire my coveted new school supplies for a new year of learning.  Yup, I was one of those kids that loved school – every subject, especially science and math.

Many quilters, particularly ones with school-age kids, also look forward to Back-to-School.  It is an opportunity learn a new quilting skill or start a new project.  My colleague Carolina Moore of Always Expect Moore has organized a Back-to-School-themed event for the August edition of Quilt Block Mania.  She invited fellow quilt designers to create a unique 12″ finished quilt block with a Back-to-School theme and roughly 40 of us jumped at the chance to have fun with this.  Each designer is sharing their block pattern for FREE on their blog or website today – you can find the links here.

Crayons by Slice of Pi Quilts
Lockers by Powered by Quilting
Math Problem by Pretty Piney
Chalk Board by Inquiring Quilter
Stack of Books by Carolina Moore
Pointy Pencil Block by Sew Brainy
Geometry by Duck Creek Mountain Quilting
Pencils by Quilting Room with Mel
School Bus by Orange Blossom Quilt
Book with Animal by Seams to be Sew
Stack of Textbooks by Quilted Diary
Shades of the Sun by Charisma Horton
Basketball by Devoted Quilter
Apples by Perkins Dry Goods
Box of Crayons by ScrapDash
Apple with leaf by Blockofthemodotcom
Crayons by Off the Wall Quilt
School Time Schoolhouse by Quilt Moments
School House by Utah Quilt Appraiser
Pencil by True Blue Quilts
Owl by The Whimsical Workshop
Calculator by Quilt Fabrication
Crayons by Linda B Creative
Applique Computer by DooHikey Designs
Modern Apple by Cotton Street Commons
Glue by Quilting Mod
School Girl’s Puzzle by Sew on the Go
Snack by Quiltfox Design
Backpack by Oh Kaye Quilting
Math Signs by Patti’s Patchwork
Bookworm by Appliques Quilts and More
Backpack by Tacy Gray
Schoolhouse by From my Carolina Home
Girl’s Favorite by Blue Bear Quilts
Origami Paper Plane by Amarar Creacions
Show up and Shine! by SewJoy Creations
School House with Children by Aunte Ms Quilts


There is everything from schoolhouses to a school bus, lots of pencils and crayons, books, calculators and backpacks.  There is even some math!

Here is my ‘Rithmetic block.  Using the assigned color palette I selected 5 shades from Northcott’s fabulous Toscana texture and created a block that includes the 4 basic math symbols: plus, minus, multiply and divide.

'Rithmetic 12

‘Rithmetic 12″ block

The block is fairly straight-forward and I had my sample completed in 30 minutes or so. I want to share 4 tips on making the “multiply” unit.  This block is constructed from a half-square triangle of background and 2 strips of color.IMG_3083
Tip #1: I centered a triangle on the shorter colored strip and sewed it in place.  When I sewed the opposite triangle in place I first finger-pressed it in half, then I aligned my first unit on my cutting mat so the strip of color was on a horizontal line and the tip of the triangle was on a vertical line.

Align triangle mid-point/tips along vertical line

Align triangle mid-point/tips along vertical line

Then I placed my creased triangle on the strip edge, aligning it with the same vertical line, pinned it in place and stitched.
Tip #2:  To cut the above unit in half, I positioned it on my cutting mat so that the 2 triangle tips were on a vertical line.IMG_3085
Tip #3:  When I added the 2nd half of the cut unit to the longer colored strip, I checked that the shorter colored strips were aligned for perfect placement.

The 2 colored strips are stacked so that they are aligned.

The 2 colored strips are stacked so that they are aligned.

Tip #4:  When I trimmed the “x” unit down to 4″, I positioned the 2″ line of my ruler on the 2 “v’s” created by the crossed colored strips.  The “x” is now perfectly centered in the unit.

Align ruler with both v's for perfect placement

Align ruler with both v’s for perfect placement

The “+” units were super-easy, and the “-” and “÷” signs were included in the sashing within the block.  Just like that my block was done 🙂

My text block using Northcott's Shimmer

My test block using Northcott’s Shimmer

I used some Northcott Shimmer from my stash for the colored parts and a lovely cream Stonehenge for the background.
I even mocked up a quick image of a 51″ x 64″ lap-size version in Electric Quilt – perfect for a math whiz!

20 blocks with 1

20 blocks with 1″ sashing make a 51″ x 64″ lap quilt

Some unfinished business from my July 15th post for the Christmas in July blog hop:  E-Z Miter/Lone Star tools and complimentary patterns are going out to Susan Nixon, Judy Kowalski and Karen from Sunburnt Quilts.  Congrats!
This week is also the August edition of the Designers Tips & Techniques over on Facebook.  From roughly noon until 8pm EST today through Thursday a quilt designer will be going live on Facebook for 15 minutes at the top of the hour to share a neat tip or technique.  My time slot is Thursday August 6 at 3pm.  Here is the schedule – enjoy!

Tuesday August 4th
1:00pm Teresa Weaver
2:00pm Becca Fenstermaker
3:00pm Debbie Wendt
4:00pm Sue Griffiths
5:00pm Marlene Oddie

Wednesday August 5th
1:00pm Nancy Scott
2:00pm Bunnie Cleland
3:00pm Terri Vanden Bosch
4:00pm Marija Vujcic
5:00pm Heidi Pridemore
6:00pm Reed Johnson

Thursday August 6th
12:00pm Jen Belnap
1:00pm  Kate Colleran
2:00pm Monique Kleinhans
3:00pm Patti Carey
4:00pm Melissa Marginet
6:00pm Swan Sheridan
7:00pm Lynn Kane
8:00pm Dragonfly’s Quilting Design Studio

Also happening tomorrow is the weekly edition of Sew What Zoomcast, hosted by my colleague Linda Hahn and her partner-in-crime Deb Stanley at 3pm EST.  This week’s special guest is appraiser Mary Kerr. The hour-long “show” can be accessed through Zoom Meeting No. 708 847 7971 Password 541374.

I welcome you to share this post with your quilty friends, and you can also subscribe by following the link up on the sidebar – thanks 🙂

Have a great week!