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Ready, Set…

18 Dec

Fellow Quilters,

I am so excited that I can hardly contain myself!  My second quilt-along, the Cottage Sampler QAL, is starting in just 11 days.  I had so much fun hosting the Hexie Crush QAL earlier this year, and this one is going to be WAAAY bigger and better.  Sign-ups have been brisk the past few weeks and if you haven’t joined yet, here’s why you’ll want to.FB group banner cropped

The Cottage Sampler QAL is based on my new Cottage Sampler quilt pattern. I designed the pattern with the stellar Canoe Lake fabric collection – my second collection for Banyan Batiks, the batik division of Northcott.  It is one of THE best-selling Banyan collections (she says modestly) and has just shipped to quilt shops – well – everywhere!  You can use the awesome Product Finder on the Canoe Lake page of Northcott’s website to find shops in your area that have received their shipment.

So, I am a panel-and-border-stripe gal.  If a collection has one or both, you can be sure I’m going to use them in a quilt or project.  Naturally, when I designed Canoe Lake, I included a 9″ square mini panel and a coordinating lengthwise border stripe.  The panel features a classic lakeside scene of a canoe beached on the cattail-lined shore of a tree-rimmed lake as the sun rises/sets over the hills.  I have very fond memories of paddling on such a lake as a kid.

My new Canoe Lake fabric collection - Autumn Blaze, Lakeside, and Misty Morn

My new Canoe Lake fabric collection – Autumn Blaze, Lakeside, and Misty Morn

The fir tree border stripe is cleverly designed to be not-so-directional – the trees go both ways.  And with 5 repeats across the width of fabric there is enough to border a quilt AND use for bands on matching pillowcases – who doesn’t love batik pillowcases?!?  So luxurious!

The collection has 3 fabulous colorways from cottage country:

  • Autumn Blaze mixes golds, rust and burgundy – the resplendent colors of maples in the Fall
  • Lakeside has forest greens and sandy-beach tans
  • Misty Morning includes soft smoky blue/sage/gray accented with berry (this one just might be my favorite)

I knew from Day 1 that I wanted to host a QAL with Canoe Lake, so the Cottage Sampler pattern was born.  Half of the blocks feature the mini panel with a pieced frame.  The remaining 6 different blocks are pieced using the coordinates from the collection.  The pattern includes 2 sizes – a 55″ x 70″ throw-size, with 1 each of the 6 pieced blocks, and a 96″ x 96″ wow-factor queen-size that has 2 each of the pieced blocks.

Sign up for the quilt-along at Patti's Patchwork

Sign up for the quilt-along at Patti’s Patchwork

What will we be making in the Cottage Sampler QAL? You choose!!  Simply pick your preferred size and color option and quilt along with me.  I’ll be making all 3 colorways, and making the throw AND queen-size options. Yup, busy gal!

Here’s what’s included:

  • I’ll be doing weekly posts from Dec 29 to March 16 through the Cottage Sampler QAL newsletter (sign up here)
  • Posts will include lots of tips and tricks to help you successfully make each block (or pair of blocks if you’re making the queen-size)
  • Video how-to’s included in weekly posts (as needed)
  • We’ll share our photos and comments in the Cottage Sampler Facebook group.
  • Weekly prizes to randomly-selected active QAL’ers – those who actively participate (post pics/ask questions/provide feedback)
  • I’ll answer any questions you may have as we go along – I love questions!!
  • Cost to participate:  FREE!  You will need a copy of the pattern to follow along though.  You can purchase one at your local quilt shop or from me here.Cottage Sampler panel block

Speaking of local shops, a few of my favorite shops have kits available:

You can also find shops that have purchased the fabrics and patterns on Northcott’s site by using the Product Finder here.

This is the perfect project to work on together as we spend some quality quilty time in our sewing space this winter.  If all goes well, we’ll have a cozy new quilt ready for the cottage, cabin or retreat by summer.  It also makes a fab guy quilt – just saying.  Please sign up now – I can’t wait to quilt-along with you!

See you in 11 days 🙂


Fun and Games with QBM

7 Dec Option #2 - same size but so different!

Fellow Quilters,toy themed quilt blocks

Happy Tuesday!  Welcome to the December issue of Quilt Block Mania. Wait – did someone say December?!?  What happened to the previous 11 months?!?  I don’t know about you but this year has been a blur for me.  If, like me, you’re north of the 49th parallel, masks and social distancing are still the norm, along with virtual gatherings.  Hubby and I just spent the past 3 glorious weeks on a long-overdue and much-needed Caribbean cruise where masks were required except when dining/drinking – I must say that I felt safe as a church mouse.  Kudos to Holland America for a very successful cruise. It was SOOO good to finally get away and I am really looking forward to the Quilt Bee at Sea to Hawaii in February for 19 fantastic days of perfect weather, breath-taking scenery and quilt-till-you-wilt.

Last night Hubby and I were invited to dinner by a couple we met on our cruise – they live 4 blocks away – small world!!  Their lovely home was decked out for the holidays, including resplendent poinsettias at the front door and a majestic Christmas tree in the foyer – so festive!

Christmas is without a doubt my favorite time of the year.  In my area we are almost guaranteed to have enough snow to go tobogganing.  I absolutely adore Christmas baking, from my mom’s Christmas fruitcake (unlike the much maligned store-bought version, it’s so moist and rich that my sons actually request it) to traditional shortbread, rum balls, mincemeat mini-tarts and several others that have become must-have additions to the requisite list.  My family and friends manage to devour 12 batches of goodies over the holidays.  Christmas dinner would not be complete without the classic plum pudding, a recipe handed down 3 generations from my friend’s husband’s great-grandmother – we set it aflame with brandy and serve it with rum sauce!  Mmmmm!

Flaming Christmas plum pudding

Flaming Christmas plum pudding

Speaking of classics, I had great fun designing my block for the December edition of Quilt Block Mania, coordinated by Carolina at  Twenty designers participated this month, and you can find the links to their blocks here:

Puzzle Cube Quilt Block by Carolina Moore
Swirlybirds by Scrapdash
Rocking Horse by Appliques Quilts and More
Old-fashioned toy by
Wooden Toy Blocks by Penny Spool Quilts
Xylophone by QuiltFabrication
Stacked Rings at Patti’s Patchwork
Toy Truck at Blue Bear Quilts
Bullseye at Pretty Piney Quilts
Toy Plane by Mom and Me Quilting Co
Nutcracker by Inquiring Quilter
Water Colors at Perkins Dry Goods
How to Theread a Book by Craft Towards Joy
Sling Shot by Faith and Fabric
Candyland at EvaPaige Quilt Designs
Shape Sorter Block at Patchwork Breeze
Colorku at Love to Color My World
Toy Wagon by Cristy Fincher
Baboushka dolls by Duck Creek Mountain Quilting
Baseball by Masterpiece Quilting

This month’s theme is “toys” and the color palette reminded me of a classic toy that every child seems to receive around age 1 or so.

Fisher Price Rock-a-Stack

Fisher Price Rock-a-Stack

That’s right, it’s the iconic Stack of Donuts (find my pattern here).  I dutifully adhered to the chosen palette, using a selection of Northcott’s Toscana textures, leaving out the orange ring, but I must admit it still looks remarkably similar to the toy my boys played with as they developed their fine motor skills and learned their colors.

It makes me wonder how many millions of stacked donuts have been gifted to babies everywhere.  Did you know that there have been several color combinations of stacked donuts over the years?

I decided to play with the blocks to make a baby quilt.  Here is option #1 with 12 blocks.

Option #1 38" x 51"

Option #1 38″ x 51″

But wait!  Here is option #2 with half of the blocks flipped upside down – so cool!!

Option #2 - same size but so different!

Option #2 – same size but so different!

Did you know that most quilters take up quilting to make a baby quilt?  How about you?  Tell me about the first quilt you made – who was it made for and what was the occasion?  Post your story in the comments below by midnight December 14 for a chance to win a packet of my new Canoe Lake fabrics for Banyan Batiks – I’ll give away 2 prizes! 

My new Canoe Lake fabric collection - Autumn Blaze, Lakeside, and Misty Morn

My new Canoe Lake fabric collection – Autumn Blaze, Lakeside, and Misty Morn

And join me in the Cottage Sampler Quilt-along starting December 29 here to make a throw or queen-size sampler featuring 7 unique blocks. Each week I’ll share tips and tricks to easily piece your blocks with expert precision.

Sign up for the quilt-along at Patti's Patchwork

Sign up for the quilt-along at Patti’s Patchwork

Speaking of sharing, I’ll pop back into your Inbox in a couple of weeks to share one of my favorite Christmas cookie recipes.

Until then,