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Chapter 1 of my very own blog…

25 Mar

This is my beginning statement to the great big world of the Blogosphere. To you I wish to say a very simple “hello!”.

Creating a blog is a wonderful experience. I will tell you more about my journey to get here in days to come, right now I’m just trying to figure out what all these little buttons do beside my cursor. I know one of them publishes my text and broadcasts it into the entire free world, and another supposedly sends tweets – any bird watchers out there? If I click the big red one I’m sure my computer will suddenly burst into flames and I will lose everything, but the inviting green one promises to make the sun come out and a bluejay to land on my shoulder.

Anyways, thanks for your patience in getting started. I am very excited to share with you all the stories that occupy a normal week here at Northcott and in my spare time as a quilter. More posts are sure to come, and my design team might be changing the look of our site until their creative minds are satisfied.

Looking forward to chatting soon!

Sincerely yours,