Stunning Blocks and Quilts from the Quilt Designer Shop Hop

16 Jul

Fellow Quilters,

Happy Thursday!  This is another fun and exciting day here at Patti’s Patchwork – today is my day to share my block for the Quilt Designer Shop Hop.  I was beyond thrilled to be invited to join this event with some very well-known designers.

Designer Shop Hop Badge 1-3

What is the Quilt Designer Shop Hop, you ask?  Well, it’s one of the best quilty deals around!  Ten uber-creative quilt designers joined forces to bring this fabulous FREE event to you.  Each designer has designed a unique block in Electric Quilt (one of my absolute essential quilting tools) using the theme “Moving forward …separate but working together, inspired by life under quarantine!”  These have certainly been interesting and challenging times – we are separated right now, however we are moving forward and reaching out to each other virtually instead of in-person.  Our blocks are different takes on this theme. IMG_3050 But there’s more!  Each designer has taken the 10 different blocks and designed a unique quilt layout for them.  Not only do you, fellow quilters, get 10 fabulous blocks, you also get a plethora of ideas on how to put them together to make an awesome quilt.  It has been so much fun to see the blocks and the quilt designs.  The Quilt Designer Shop Hop started July 13 and runs through to tomorrow July 17, and the blocks are FREE until Saturday July 18, so be sure to pop on over to the other designers’ blogs to pick up the patterns and layout ideas.  After Saturday the blocks will be $2 each, which is still a fabulous deal for a multi-block quilt.  There are other online events of this caliber but most of them are not free.

So, let me tell you about my block, To the Stars and Beyond (now available at Patti’s Patchwork).

To the Stars and Beyond

To the Stars and Beyond

If you are one of my regular peeps you know I am a lone star fanatic.  My block starts with a star, because we are all under the stars.  Then I added some funky folded triangles to the expanding corners of the block to show that we are reaching out to each other.  These folded triangles are kind of like inverse cathedral window – we tuck the fabric under the bias edge of the triangle instead of folding it back.


Fold the bias edge of the triangle under to create a curve. I think it’s time for a new ironing board cover!

Then we hand- or machine-stitch the curved edge in place.  It adds an interesting twist to the block.  I like to use an open-toe foot to give me maximum visibility.

Invisibly stitch the curved edge in place

Invisibly stitch the curved edge in place

To make the lone star I used my E-Z Miter & Lone Star tool because it helps me quickly and accurately mark the exact spots to start and stop sewing the diamonds and setting pieces. E-Z Miter lo-rez My block was done lickety-split.  I used Northcott’s Dream Weaver ombre for the star – can you see the ombre effect in the diamonds? – and the coordinating Dublin linen-look texture for the background.

I was a bit nervous watching the quilt layouts that the other designers showed in their blog posts – what if one of them did the same design as me?!?  So far, they’ve all been different – and great!  So here is my layout.

Stars & Beyond quilt layout

My layout for the Quilt Designer Shop Hop

I used 2 of each block for a total of 20 blocks.  The quilt, including the 2” sashing and 6” border measures 70” x 84”.  There are tall people in my house so this could be a generous throw, almost a twin-size.  I originally used white in the block backgrounds and gray in the sashing, then I switched it around and was much happier with the result.  I think it gives the quilt a more contemporary look.

If you’re visiting today from one of the other designer’s blogs I would love if you could click on that Follow button up near the top.  You can also subscribe to my newsletter on my Patti’s Patchwork website.  I usually only post on my blog and newsletter once or twice a month – I’m too busy designing!

If you haven’t had a chance to visit the other designers’ blogs, here are the links to collect your block patterns (free until Saturday).

July 13 Tamarinis

July 13 Laura Piland

July 14 Sherry Shish

July 14 Amy Friend

July 15 Kate Colleran

July 15 Becky Jorgensen

July 16 Leanne Parsons

July 16 Me!

July 17 Swan Sheridan

July 17 Cherry Guidry

Please show them some quilty love for the work they’ve put into their blocks and designs.  Check out their websites, subscribe to their newletters and peruse their patterns and notions for sale.

I would love to see YOUR version of a quilt using these blocks.  Which layout did you like the best?  Which color combination most appealed to you?  Please share your thoughts and feedback.  We love hearing from you 😊




5 Responses to “Stunning Blocks and Quilts from the Quilt Designer Shop Hop”

  1. shadesofrandom July 16, 2020 at 9:43 pm #

    Beautiful block! Thank you.

  2. Rochelle Summers July 17, 2020 at 3:43 pm #

    thank you for this block pattern. I love the curve of the triangles and the colors you chose. Your layout is so nice as well. I’ve enjoyed this Shop Hop.

  3. vivoaks July 18, 2020 at 2:17 pm #

    Hi! I’d never seen your blog until today, and so glad I’ve found you!! I love what I see on your blog and especially love the block for the Designer’s Shop Hop! I saw your layout, but not a place to download it. Is it available to download? Thanks so much for being a part of this group and your beautiful block!! Love it!!

  4. Susan Nixon July 18, 2020 at 5:25 pm #

    Those fabrics are wonderful and just perfect for this block. They are so textured. Thank you so much for the pattern, and double thanks for making it easy to download. Thanks too for the tips on the curves. I really like the way the two teals combine. This sort of opened my eyes to something I hadn’t considered about color.

    • Patti July 20, 2020 at 12:58 pm #

      Thanks Susan, and enjoy the pattern!

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