A gesture of kindness to victims in Japan

20 May

When Northcott began accepting donations and offered to transport your quilt donations to Japan, we had no idea how heart-warmingly generous you would be. I mean, we knew we would have dozens, even hundreds of quilts…but here we are at over 1,500 quilts made by YOU! Wow, it is truly breathtaking to stand back and look at 1,500 quilts all stacked in one place. The countless hours invested in each one, the devotion and care that went into each stitch and seam, the careful placement of colour and design. It was hard not to get choked up just assembling the (many) stacks for our photo shoot! There are so many beautiful quilts. Cathy Miller says it best:

“May this quilt keep you safe from harm
May it be your good luck charm
I do not know your name or the mountains you face
What you hold in your arms is a quilter’s embrace”

While the photos don’t do it justice, it is at least something we can share back with all those who donated a quilt. In some cases many quilts. If you have ever felt like contributing just one thing doesn’t make a difference, have a look at what happens when 1,500 of you said I CAN make a difference. Each quilt received will be a blanket of love that someone will cherish for years to come. When tragedy strikes, it is sometimes the simple kindness of others that can be the hope that’s enough to make it through.

Today our staff has packed up the last of the remaining quilts. We will be shipping out the many boxes in short order. In addition to those already  mentioned in earlier posts, we would like to recognize the following contributors of quilts or supplies that will be packed and sent to Japan. If your name has been left off of this list, we sincerely apologize. Your quilt was not missed in the final packing.

• Castilleja Cotton, Calgary, AB

• Keepsake Quilters Guild, Sicamous, BC

• Brampton Quilt Guild

• Hilltop Quilters Guild, Hamilton, ON

• Marion MacGowan

• Cookstown (Country Cove), Kingston, ON

• Ionne McCauley, BC

• Candy Mullins, Mississauga Quilters Guild

• Jeff of Evelyn’s Sewing Centre

• Bev Smith, Warm ‘n’ Cozy

• Mayflower Quilter’s Guild

• Jannette Binder, Strathroy

• G. Bleakney, QC

• Louise Nykifourk

• Susan Cameron, Rouge Valley, QC

• So Creative, Strathroy, ON

• Cini of Cindy Bee’s, Espanola – Sudbury – Manitoulin

• The Piecemaker’s Bee of Halifax, NS

• Creemore House of Stitches

• Etobicoke Quilters Guild

• Judy Messenger

• Genie Green of Parksville, BC

• Markham Town Quilters Guild

• Quilters Cupboard, Uxbridge

• Sew Have Fun

• Quilting Gnome in Jacksons Point, ON

• Stone Cottage Crafts in Midhurst, ON

• Quilter’s Dream of Burlington, ON

• Threads that Bind, Maxwell, ON

• Creative Sewing, Kitchener, ON

• Oakville Quilters Guild

• Ye Old Fabric Shoppe, Stratford, ON

• Green Wood Quiltery, Guelph, ON

• Sara Nedd, Qualicum Beach, BC

2 Responses to “A gesture of kindness to victims in Japan”

  1. threeboysmama May 20, 2011 at 2:16 pm #

    Wow! My mother was part of this herculean effort to gather quilts and I am so proud of her and her Quilt Guild and ALL of the people involved to make this happen. What a truly wonderful thing to give. When I wrap one of my mother’s quilts around me it’s like getting a hug from her each time and I hope that the people of Japan feel the same. Thank you so much for posting these pictures, it is amazing to think of the hours of work required for that many quilts! Nice job everyone!

    • Joanne Van Horn June 3, 2011 at 3:06 am #

      I was part of a small group of quilters who work tirelessly to take part in this amazing endevour. together will other such ladies in neighbouring commimuties, put forth close to 200 quilts, for a short time they pased through my home (drop off place). I was proud of us and warmed by the thoughts of the people young and old recieving one, like to be a fly on the wall for that one. well done to all of us. thankyou, together in quilting. joanne van horn,

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